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THE LUNDY LAW GROUP, LLC invites you to join one or several of our next series of Webinars, Seminars or Workshops.

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At no cost, participants will also discover:

• How to make sure your wishes are honored
• How to protect your family and loved ones when you no longer can
• How to pass on more than just your assets and leave a true legacy
• How to ensure that the assets you to leave to your children and loved ones are protected from creditors, divorce and even bankruptcy
• And more……..

Legacy and Life Planning
Having a Plan in Place Should Something Happen to You

At the Lundy Law Group, we strive to educate families and the community on the steps and options necessary to build a solid foundation and prepare your legacy and for the future. Although planning for the future can be overwhelming, we make the process understandable and simple. We ensure that you experience a peace of mind through the process and once the plan and process are in place.
Our webinars, seminars and workshops are informative and empowering. The Lundy Law Group will guide you to ensure you know why you need a plan and what level of planning you need to ensure that your plan works when your family needs it most.
Also, you will learn what to do to ensure that your kids are safe and provided for even in your absence. You will learn the importance of identifying and naming temporary and permanent guardians as well as other required documents and instructions to implement to ensure that all matters concerning your children are handled wit precision and specificity.

Ask Paulette to speak at your local business or your next group event. ​Choose the topic that ​works best for you:

  • ​Kids Protection Plan Presentation
  • ​Guardian Nomination Workshop
  • ​Asset Protection Planning
  • ​Planning For The Business You Love
  • ​LIFT Masterclass Training + 20-Point Assessment

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