Estate Planning

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Life happens fast and if you are not prepared for the inevitable, you could leave your loved ones or your business in a bad situation.

Having a clear, well-defined estate plan or business succession plan means everyone you care about knows what to expect and can deal with their grief without having to worry about legal matters.

The lack of a properly designed Will or Trust, can lead to confusion and conflict and add pain to an already difficult time.

Whether it’s family members not knowing who is supposed to get what or your small business not knowing who is in charge now, an unexpected death can cause turmoil without proper planning in place.

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Make sure all your loved ones know exactly what is happening after you (or another loved one) is gone. Avoid confusion and let your family grieve in peace.


Entrust the care of your property to individuals who will be able to implement your wishes immediately without delay or third party interference.

Business Formation

Get the best advice about how to incorporate your small business to ensure you are protected while your business thrives.

Small Business General Counsel

Receive the best advice for your small business regarding any matter. P.A. Lundy & Associates will help steer your business through any uncertain times.

Estate and Business Planning

We help individuals and businesses prepare loved ones and colleagues for the unexpected so everything can continue to run smoothly.

Counties we Serve

We are located in Howard County and serve all of the surrounding counties, no matter how near or far, including Howard County, Anne Arundel County, Prince George’s County, and Baltimore County


What one of our satisfied clients says about us …

“Paulette presented the information at a gathering in our home. Everyone was impressed with her presentation and her passion. Thanks again Paulette for keeping us in the know and on the right path!”

Additional Legal Services


We work with you to make sure your minor children or individuals with special needs are properly cared for after you’re gone and don’t end up in the care of the wrong individuals.

Estate Planning

We help you make sure your money and property goes to your loved ones and not the state department without unnecessary delay or third party interference.

Elder Law/Medicaid Planning

Working together with you, we work out who will receive care and how that care will be paid for. We make sure your elders are safe and sound.

Adult Guardianship and Conservatorship

If you have any adults in your life who may need a guardian now or in the event of your passing, we make sure they are cared for.

Asset Protection Planning

We protect your assets from falling victim to creditor claims, taxes, divorce, lawsuits and other disasters.

Special Needs Planning

If you have a special needs child in your life, we help you protect them and make sure they have the life they need or you envisioned.

Estate Tax Planning

Your estate should go to your loved ones instead of being subject to taxation. We make sure that happens by putting as much of it in your loved one’s hands as possible.

Probate Process

We guide you through the difficult process of ensuring a deceased loved one’s assets end up in the right hands.

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