Dad’s dilemma, I usually write about upbeat topics that inspire positivity and motivate readers. But today, I want to share a sad story about how my dad’s temporary disability led to family conflict with my stepmother and her children because he didn’t prepare an estate plan.

Growing up, my parents got divorced when I was ten, and my dad remarried a few years later. He and my stepmother blended their families, and I was excited to have new stepsiblings. We all got along great, and it was a happy household. However, things changed when my dad had a stroke and became temporarily incapacitated.

At first, we were all shocked and scared. It was a tough time for everyone, but my stepmother stepped up to care for my dad. She was his primary caregiver and did an excellent job of looking after him. But as time went on, we started noticing that there were some disagreements between her and my dad’s children.

It started with small things like disagreements about my dad’s care but escalated quickly into full-blown arguments about my dad’s assets. My dad didn’t have an estate plan, and his children and my stepmother had different ideas about managing his assets if he were to pass away. This lack of planning caused a lot of tension, and it was hard to watch our once happy family turn into something so divided.

I remember feeling frustrated and helpless because I didn’t know how to fix the situation. It was hard to see my dad’s children and my stepmother fight over something that could have been avoided if he had just prepared an estate plan. It was even harder to see the impact it had on my dad. He was already dealing with his temporary disability, and the family conflict only made things worse.

In the end, my dad recovered from his temporary disability, and the family eventually reached a compromise about his assets. But the conflict had already caused damage to our once-blended family. It was a sad reminder of how important it is to prepare for the unexpected.

If my dad had prepared an estate plan, it would have avoided so much unnecessary conflict and stress on the family. It’s never easy to think about our own mortality, but it’s essential to have a plan in place, especially if you have a blended family. An estate plan ensures that your assets are distributed according to your wishes, and it can prevent disputes between family members.

In conclusion, my dad’s temporary disability was a wake-up call for our family. It reminded us of the importance of estate planning and how it can prevent family fights. It’s never too early to start planning, and there is always time to make a plan. Don’t wait until it’s too late to create an estate plan and avoid the conflicts that could arise from a lack of planning.

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Paulette Lundy

Attorney Paulette Lundy is the Founder of P.A. Lundy & Associates, LLC, a law firm in Columbia, Maryland, Howard County. P.A. Lundy & Associates was established out of Paulette’s love, passion and life’s purpose to assist people to become better stewards of their resources through proper legacy development, planning, organizing and effective implementation. Paulette’s life is devoted to educating people about the pleasures of planning your legacy “Your Way” and securing your family’s peaceful future in your absence.

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