It can be difficult when parents or loved ones resist preparing an estate plan. Some common reasons that people may be hesitant to create an estate plan include the following:

  • Denial: Some people may not want to think about their mortality and believe estate
    planning is unnecessary.
  • Complexity: Estate planning can involve complex legal and financial matters, and some
    people may feel overwhelmed or confused by the process.
  • Cost: Estate planning can involve legal fees and other costs, which some people may be
    hesitant to incur.
  • Conflict: Estate planning can sometimes involve difficult decisions about distributing
    assets. Some people may hesitate to address these issues for fear of causing conflict
    among family members.

If your parents are resistant to preparing an estate plan, there are a few things you can do to
try to encourage them:

  • Educate them: Provide your parents with information about the importance of estate
    planning and the risks of not having a plan. You can also offer to help them understand
    the process and assist with any questions.
  • Offer support: Let your parents know that you are willing to help them with the estate
    planning process and are there to support them.
  • Emphasize the benefits: Help your parents understand how an estate plan can protect
    their assets, provide for their loved ones, and reflect their wishes.
  • Find a trusted professional: If your parents are still hesitant, consider finding a trusted
    lawyer or financial planner who can provide them with more information and help them
    understand the importance of estate planning.

Overall, it is essential to approach the topic of estate planning with patience and understanding
and help your parents see the value in creating a plan to protect their loved ones and their

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Paulette Lundy

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